Experienced Global Mobility Consultant | Marketing | User Experience | Development | Enterpreneur

"Branko is a Marketing, Sales and organizational machine the likes of are rare to find these days. Furthermore, he is a really nice person and valued colleague to work with."

− William Vablais, Head of KNOX Marketplace Developer Relations at Samsung

"Branko is proactive, resourceful and creative, always striving to get the best results. He's very passionate about what he does and his attention to details is unmatchable."

− Luca Sale, Solutions Architect at Amazon

"In short, he gets things done and very well. He is very energetic and stays very focused until he gets the results he wants and usually these results are way beyond any expectation."

− Luca Filigheddu, Head of Developer Evangelism EMEA at BlackBerry

"He is clearly a very motivated self-starter, entrepreneur minded, sharp on execution, with a great mix of people, technology, and business competencies."

− Sinisha Patkovic, Vice President Advanced Security Solutions - Global Advisory Service at BlackBerry

"Branko is a likeable, funny guy with an excellent business head and a large network of professionals at his fingertips."

− Don Turner, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry

"Branko has singlehandedly demonstrated his expertise with networking, marketing and branding which resonated profoundly during his time at BlackBerry."

− Aaron Ardiri, Chief Technology Officer at Evothings AB

"Branko is very profound and offers guidance and practical advices to young people on how to develop their skills and business."

− Aleksandar Filiposki, Project Coordinator at Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation

"Branko and his team masterfully manage the complexity of media and technologies with unparalleled creative excellence, technical prowess, and passion. Love working with him!"

− Brad Ferringo, Senior Creative Director at Ferringo Sound Design and Voting Member at Grammy's™

"Progressive ideas and sense of pure design were two main distinctions that I admired at him. And hardworking as well."

− Rosvita Robnik, ERP & CRM consultant at HansaWorld

"His products were always top. He was always supportive and continually responded to any requests we made quickly, professionally and uber-enthusiastically."

− Tricia Dippel, Director of Channel Sales at MobiHand, Inc.

"Working with Branko has always been a pleasure. He's a detailed, follow-through and responsive individual with extreme talent in UX and UI design."

− Adriano Chiaretta, Chief Technology Officer at MobiHand, Inc.

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